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RMPS: Elective Courses

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S5 & S6 Intermediate 2 RMPS Course

The emergence of Philosophy under the new Higher Still arrangements has been an exciting development. Philosophy is a highly respected and valued subject by universities and employers. Pupils who elect to study Philosophy do so as a 'crash' higher, in one year. They study three units:

Critical Thinking:

Links to critical thinking sites - Epistime Links and the Nikhor Project has a list of fallacies


A metaphysics revision site with video links. Arguments for the Existence of God.


Revision PowerPoint & video link, some links to Epistemology sites, and sites on Descartes.

Moral Philosphy:

Revision site with crib notes.

Links to Philosophy of Religion sites.

General links

The SQA Philosophy site has links to past papers and arrangement documents.

LTS links to support notes for different units within course.

TPM Online is a philosophy magazine with interactive games and links.